About NCC

With a proven history of serving casinos worldwide for the last 40 years, NCC provides a variety of financial services to support and streamline their operations. NCC's online portal gives you immediate access to a suite of financial intelligence reports all in one location, allowing you to identify at-risk players for money laundering and investigate their financial background, gaming history, financial status, and much more. This intelligence is crucial for casinos to meet regulatory expectations as well as to make the most educated decisions about your customers. NCC also offers a hosted online application as the customer-facing entry point to an efficient and customizable workflow for casino credit, front money, and check-cashing applications. NCC's offerings can be used individually to fill gaps in existing processes or can be combined to make a comprehensive package meeting all a casino's essential needs.

Founded by Diane Hunt in 1976, NCC redefined the industry by providing a high standard of accurate and immediate bank ratings for hotels and casinos. This standard was continued under the leadership of Diane’s daughter, Christine Hunt Landis, whose innovation and dedication to providing clients the services needed to make the casino credit operation simpler and more data driven once again lead the industry with the introduction of the online portal.

NRT Technology has incorporated NCC products into their growing portfolio of gaming offerings. These two companies share a spirit of innovation with an emphasis on business integrity. Like NCC, NRT listens to their client's needs and provides cutting edge technology to improve and simplify casino operations. Together, NCC and NRT Technology will remain a trusted casino business partner and will continue working to improve the casino guest experience.

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